Slow Motion (Reimagined)

Slow Motion (Reimagined)

Written by Claude Kelly & Charles Harmon

Published by StudioBeast Songs/BMG Rights Management (US) LLC (BMI), Chuck Harmony Songs (BMI), Administered by Songs of Kobalt Music Publishing (BMI)

Produced by A Louis York Production

Piano, drums, synthesizers, and programming by Chuck Harmony

Bass by Adrian Taylor

Guitar by Ariel Mann

String Arrangement by David Angell

Violin by David Davidson, David Angell

Viola by Kristin Wilkinson

Cello by Carole Rabinowitz

Choir by Claude Kelly, Chuck Harmony, Stacy Johnson, Tamara Williams, and Kasi Jones

Engineered by Mike “Pizza” Piazza at The Shindo, Franklin, TN, Allgood Studios, Atlanta, GA, Bobby Shin at The Library Studios, Joelton, TN

Assisted by Brandon Meagher

Additional Engineering by Sean Giovanni at The Record Shop, Nashville, TN

Mixed by Jeff Balding

Mastered by Vlado Meller at Vlado Meller Mastering, Charleston, SC

Assisted by Jeremy Lubsey