Want to learn more about what the Weirdos are up to in their spare time? Welcome to our Beyond! page. Here is where we'll share content beyond the music and videos. With such a diverse Weirdo community we think it's important to share with you some of our lifestyle. We'll also be on the lookout for cool things our fellow Weirdos are up to that we can feature on this page! 


Carley's corner

Meet Carley! The creative mind behind many of the designed assets for Weirdo Workshop. You've probably seen her work in motion behind a stage, on social media, or even on a book cover. In Carley's Corner we'll be showcasing some of Carley's additional work. 

louis york's FOOD journey

Health is a priority for all of us at Weirdo Workshop. Claude and Chuck have made a choice to eat exclusively vegetarian food. For people who are newly vegetarian, or considering making that lifestyle transition, explore this page for advice from two people who've successfully made that change!